Illusive Monologue

Look deep into her eyes, trying to see beyond her. Human eyes always a symbol of window to a person. What is real in her world? I’ll never forget what she says.

“I’m not materialistic as you think but that’s how the society shaped me. Surrounding circumstances made who I am today. People come to me talk less but to fulfill their lustful desire. I don’t understand why you want to ask me this. Alright, i won’t talk much of my background but roughly you can figure it out sooner or later. I have to sustain my living by working myself in place like this. But please do not sympathies me. Even I’m living in a worst condition I know what’s important to me. Outsider may trash me but I know what I’m doing. You come here and pay for your service but if you think money can buy me perhaps you should leave now and find others…money is great, but it’s not everything…I am desperate once but no longer the same. No one really can handle money well. It’s sometimes hard to differentiate between what you need or what you want. People worshipping money but currently i am dragging money at my knee. It’s such a superior feelings. I’m self-centre but that how I am. That’s me and it will never change, at least for now. I have gone through various life experiences, layers of society, so there’s no point trying to outsmart me. Let me show you something. You see my nail, it’s broken. I just slapped a guy right on his face before I’m seeing you. I am really mad. But you see, the point is I’m always had issue with boss and client. They simply violated me. In this country I may look illegal but in some place my right protected. I’m free from obligation to pleasure every male I met. I make my own choice. You see, without financial means thing is always slow. Maybe with some wealth you can take me out and gradually care for me in a decent way and love ‘might’ grow from there. Isn’t that money is one of the factor in a bad relationship? That’s how it going to be.”


2 thoughts on “Illusive Monologue

  1. yeah, gals are materialistic (even guys). Once they know your profile, that determine you and her….

    no more out of pureness, no more out of love,
    it is meaningless, not as pure as the eyes of a dove,
    is just a bait to a mess, rusting it to the worst without any sense of nerve.

    This is the world, this is the game,
    people going in and out trying to be fame,
    earning big bucks ‘with an aim’
    proving to people that they are not the same

    the fact still remain the same
    principle of a christian still remain the same
    is up to us to choose which one is the same
    destination to both of them is not the same
    we have been separated to choose the same.

    *Not criticism, but a reminder for both of us
    (yo man, your writing is deep with experience)

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