What are we? What’s the meaning of life? What am I living for? What’s the value of life? All these questions constitute a philosophical subject matter on the purpose and significant of our existence. It’s deeply seek since ancient and was try to explain in various concepts such as religious, philosophical and even in modern science. The perception of life is shown through writing, painting, poem, story or photograph. Past, present and future, all have been searching to fill the void in life. The seeking process is ongoing until today. Each of us have different value, opinions and belief on the question itself but what’s matter is that how it influence others and myself. At one point in our life we will eventually give a serious thought on it.

It is definitely a very vast topic to be discussed… in this society we are taught to satisfy our physical and emotional wants and desire in order to achieve happiness. Some view happiness as temporary, some pursue materialistic goal, some view life a continuous moving circle, some may feel contain with life but mostly not and it is on and on…

I am blessed for one thing that since young I was being taught to value the preciousness of life. However, nothing seems to be simple in this complicated world i lived. Isn’t it be good if I can be pure and simple as a guileless child. The fact that we grow and we can’t escape from facing reality is such a cruelty. At some point, I feel I am about to give up. But I know the play hasn’t end yet although I don’t know what’s next.  One thing I learn, there is always need in life but to live a meaningful life, one has to see beyond something mere material because we are born with soul.

King Solomon, the wise and just, who have everything under the sun, wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes concludes “all is vanity”.  Some people think that he was rather pessimistic. But the fact that it required lifetime’s experience for one to appreciate or one time priceless encounter for such enlightenment but unfortunately there will be people will never understand. This does not mean we should give up. Now, this reminds me of someone who always says to me; “To think optimistic is the only way. Failure is not an option.” [My life faced with countless breakdown lately. Depressing…]

The fact that we still live in this reality hard-rock world. We are given chance to seek the real satisfaction in life. “Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you.” I want to believe this.

Kendall Warner in his poetic expression on Perceptions of Life;

From our experience, we learn lessons.

By sharing life’s lessons, we influence lives.

By touching lives, we appreciate our existence.

It's always reflecting like a mirror yet illusive and mere a droplet.

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