Say nothing, do nothing, be nothing

Getting a criticism from others isn’t easy. It brought out lot of anger, frustration and dissatisfaction. First come to mind usually is to defend yourself with hundred of reasons to justify your action or decision. Somebody can appear at a wrong time, at wrong place or otherwise, directly or indirectly criticize you just like that and it can turn out so fast. You know how words can be life affirming or destructive at the same time. A single word can hurt you to your core or crush you to pieces.

I’m not sure why today…guess may be a ‘spilling salt’ day. I literally just received blow after blow from people I knew. Without warning, they just spew out on me crazily as if those guys suffered from mouth-diarrhea. Well, people say criticism is an expression of concerned for you. Maybe. Whatever it is, I have to say, it was unpleasant, sarcastic, provocative, horrifically haunting and damn to me. (Whether if you launching a personal attack, you know the best.) It’s simply a heart broken which made you feel upset, heavy or momentary emptiness.

Alright, nothing to hide…see,  I am not Mr. Superman, strong as steel or ‘bullet-proof monk’. It took me some friggin times (exactly 2 hour 33 minutes) to digest those words and for me to re-consider and re-think (Sorry, I think I keep those f***ing words personal for now).

While I did a workout just now, …‘the first step is to admit in order to move on’ suddenly crossed my mind. There’s some sense if it’s at my fault or if I am disgraceful for my immaturity or inexperience. In this logic, it is necessary. However, if the situation smell overwhelming in that particular moment and it is sheer ‘opportunity’, probably it’s not feasible. Should ask yourself, ‘is this really worth addressing?’ before embark on that course. We have our own timer of how long we want to linger in our little comfort zone. An honest word of criticism from a respectable or trustworthy person can be gold but not simply by anyone, especially those already got you irritated to begin with. Unless and until you got a clear comprehension of the event, nothing else made sense. “Improper criticism consists of nothing but subjective statements.”

I know, I know …this made me sound like a selfish, stubborn, narrow-minded guy…I’m learning and I really think IT’S ALWAYS EASY TO SAY THAN DONE.  I hate to say this, but anyone out there…please lend me a hand.

p/s Congratulations to “40 bloggers who really count.”!

1 thought on “Say nothing, do nothing, be nothing

  1. Ur not being selfish/stubborn/narrow-mindded. At times certain people say things without thinking n the choice of words can puncture ya heart. Criticism always hurts. But it should not hurt coming from the ignorant, the rude, the uninformed.

    It is not a good idea to brood on criticism. Try to dispose it quickly by judging it as either deserved or unjustified. If it is deserved, make a resolution to correct the fault and then forget it. Do not let criticism poison a whole day.

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