Movie quotes:

  1. I call you unworthy of the body you possessed and of the life you are given.
  2. I am actually to remain here while you deal with your problem…That’s the problem you gotta solve before it’s too late.
  3. Oh yes, there will be blood.
  4. …get over it. Stop bitching about it, let’s do something!
  5. Not a good idea…he’s testing us. He wants us to survive this. We better play by the fucking rules!
  6. I don’t intend to mock you…but I’m a cancer patient. How could you possibly put me in any more pain that I already in.
  7. The rules are simple… Just remember the rule…
  8. …Jigsaw piece that cut from my subject, was only meant to be a symbol of that subject missing something. The vital piece of human puzzle – the survival instinct.
  9. I’m talking to you. You are not listening. You forget the rules…you are supposed to convince me that I’m your friend. Not led me into false sense of security to your confine.
  10. It is not killing and torturing people according to your sick fucking pleasure. “I never murder anyone…the decision is up to them.”
  11. The second time somebody changed my life, I was guilty. But my life was saved by him. I got myself a father, a leader, a teacher. (you must be dealt, you must be reborn)
  12. Those who do not appreciate life, do not deserved life.
  13. What is the cure for ‘cancer’? The cure for death itself, the answer is immortality. By creating a legacy, by living a life worth remembering you becoming immortal.
  14. So go ahead, destroy it… Now you are locked away, helpless…
  15. GAME OVER.


  1. Venus Fly aka Death Mask
  2. Electrified Staircase Trap
  3. Nerve Gas House
  4. Antidote Safe
  5. Magnum Eyehole
  6. Furnace “in hell”
  7. Needle Pit
  8. Razor Box aka Hand Trap
  9. Eric time Test

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