O, precious life!

I got a call from a friend. I haven’t met her for more than a year but that ring could be the last one. In the talk she asks me to visit her during this time. It’s not unusual but not common. I’m curious. Anyway I simply give a ‘no promise’ reply. So, we have nice conversation (i did tell her how bad i’m to deal with my current exam, frustration…etc) until she shocked me with a particular news. It strike me, I’m sad when she tells me she probably can live another 2 years due to a brain tumor. Speechless. (What’s more distress if compare to her?)

A flash back…just about 6 months ago I lost a friend in air crash, 3 months later a friend hit in motor vehicle accident but fortunate to survived and now a cancer patient. What’s next? Really…just 15 min. later, another friend text me in to inform that our close friend caught in a car accident during work which end up really bad. Chain of events…all I can feel is that our human life is so fragile. Hearing this much, the best moment for me to ponder what value in my life.

We live, we dream and we plan. As much as you can planned, nothing is a guarantee except tax and death. It is just a matter of time. We will never know what can really happen the next second. When you sleep, have you ever think…will you wake up from this bed tomorrow morning. Will you be able to wear the shoes you just put off tonight?

Doesn’t matter whether people preach life is of equal value or ‘infinite value because life is only once and that individual uniqueness made is valuable. We don’t know each other but we do share the sentiment that life is valuable- no matter how much some protest regarding it, saying of how worthless,…bla bla bla… be honest,  at the closet moment of death, you scare, why so?

I have no intention to be pessimistic. Just a thought that– shouldn’t we stop contributing to our own death or continue to live in despair. Instead, look at bright side, treasure every moment in life. Give a meaning to your life. That’s the reason sometimes you see a patient is more optimistic than any normal healthy person.  They embraced it and live their life to the fullest, knowing that life is short to them. They want life, chance, longer time and yet it is taken from them. In contrast, any normal person  did everything to condemn their own body so to fit the frame of death. We are just abnormal. Didn’t we? So the phrase, every man dies but not every man really lives. To live life to fullest, do fill what’s empty and empty what’s full.

“Every man dies but not every man really lives.” William Wallace

I recalled someone say to me that her life is not a choice and given no privilege to live her own life. I wish to reply, “so long you breath, that’s the hope for everything.”  Certainly is way easy to say. But the moment you are thinking of giving up, that’s the end of your journey. Hold on strong! Be grateful because every day is a blessing.

* Just think of a new born baby-one tiny life yet so strong inside. This enough to inspire you?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/25221954@N04/3615100325/ (From Melissa Deakin in Flickr: polkadotandplaid)


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