Movie quotes:

  1. You was probably the last man standing, now perhaps you will succeed, with the other were failed. You think you will walk away untested? I promise that my work will continue. You think it just over because I am dead. It’s not over. The game has just begun.
  2. Cherish your life. Don’t take it for granted.
  3. With your survivor, came with your obsession, making the wrong choices, thus preventing you making the right one. You want to save everyone. Tonight I give you opportunity to face your obsession.
  4. See what I see.
  5. To walk away, the choice is yours.
  6. One saves a life…one takes it away.
  7. Feel what I feel
  8. His salvation is out of your hand… force him into his position to face his demon. Hand him the tools that will save his life.
  9. You can’t help them. They have to help themselves.
  10. I empowered you to take control of your life, can you disconnect one that brought you and other so much pain. With time your wounds will heal.
  11. What have you learn? Experiences are harsh.
  12. Save as I save.
  13. The key of this person’s life lay upon on your hand, but only after she plays her own part then can you play your role.
  14. Go home.
  15. I told him not to take his life for granted.
  16. Your life is a lie. Now come to the moment of truth. You prey upon kindness of others. Now you will prey on your own life.
  17. I do forgive you. I can let you go but that won’t serve you. I’ll give you a tool to reclaim your life.
  18. Good doesn’t lead to good. Bad to bad. People steals don’t get caught but a good life. Others lie, cheat get elected.  Some people help stranded …but get taken out. Do you understand me?
  19. Patience. Remember who you are saving… time is on your side. Have you learned how to truly save a life?
  20. I’m still among you.

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