1. You recklessly loan people money knowing their financial limitation … more than they could pay back. You are predators but today you are a prey.
  2. What ‘we’ are doing was wrong. We ruined people’s life. He wanted us to learn!
  3. Maybe addiction just part of human’s nature.  They buy their time. This people have no respect for the life they destroying. But once you see death are close, then you know what’s the value of life is.
  4. For years, your probability formula has decide the fate of others. The healthy benefited but the potentially sick unjustly rejected. But you did not take into account the human’s will to live. When face to death, who should live and who will live are two separate things.
  5. When people come for coverage we have to analyze each person for the probabilities of success. It’s a formula. It’s kind of complicated.  I decide which have the potential to live for long healthy life.
  6. So in the sense you choose who live or die.  But you are not taking into consideration the most important human element of all- the will to live.
  7. I promise you, I will provide a way out for you.
  8. What’s not feasible? By whose mathematical equation that this is not feasible? It’s policy?! Do you know that in … pay their doctor when they are healthy, when they are sick they don’t have to pay them. So basically they pay what they want, not what they don’t want. The politician says the same thing over again and again. Health care decision should be make by the doctor for their patient not by the government…Don’t talk to me about money. I am money. This about principle. You see, this is my life we talking about. You rolled your tongue smooth. The matter of fact, that tongue… slip. You who still living will have ultimate judgment over you. Because the dead will have no claim over your soul. You may be mistaken.
  9. You have seen the flaw with your policy. But you have not seen what extent people will go to when face with death.
  10. Your decision symbolize by the blood on your hand.

2 thoughts on “SAW VI

  1. I really never understood the SAW movies the scenes were so intense, the images so vivid that I guess I never heard any dialogue. Reading through the quotes here these movies really had some thought provoking lines. Still probably won’t ever watch the movies but I can hear them a bit better now.

  2. I’m a big fan of Saw. I think the plots are interesting and the lines are great. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle that you need to match and set everything in place to see a big picture. I always tell my friends when you finish watching all of them (someday), it’s like finish ‘a’ long story. Of course, other movies are great too. Well, watching this make me think. Like you say it’s thought provoking. Definitely there’s a lot of gory and sick scene but that’s just part of the fun of watching it. ‘It’s fake and it’s a movie.’ But you know what’s the coolest part? Those machines are real! They actually have engineers to design and made them. I think maybe after the movie they probably can make a museum out of them. haha…

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