Wednesday 07.07.10

Dear Wednesday,

You always keep me busy on this day,

Today is a cloudy Wednesday,

Is it only for today?

O, what a Wednesday!

It’s no more a cloudy day,

It turns into a rainy day,

I want to walk away of this gloomy day!

27 thoughts on “Wednesday 07.07.10

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  2. Wednesday
    the middle of the week.
    Oh this day.
    What’s for today?
    Let’s. Just walk away
    And enjoy another day
    Oh Wednesday

    😉 nicely done

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  4. Gee.. I really liked your style in this… you started by addressing in the second person, and then it beautifully transformed into a reflection…
    I really enjoyed this short and meaningful poem…
    Hope the gloom has passed though! Have a cheery week ahead!! 🙂

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  6. Interesting….i absolutly adore wednesdays….tried to figure out why, but nothing comes to mind 🙂
    It was a lovely poem as for me the wednesday would be “sunday” 🙂

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