Oh Monday,

Hate, i say to Monday,

Don’t you hear what I say?

What is there for me today?

A great bleu Monday,

Will I see it that way?

It must be better today!

41 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Blue Monday by New Order sums it all up perfectly…
    Thanks for your visit. Like your developing site…and your choice of theme!

    • Surprise for Monday, example… like what? Usually the surprise come from boss/colleague (if u r working & mostly bad sur!) or as student will be from friends or lecturer/tutor. haha..

  2. I hear you, friend!!!
    Poor Mondays… so hated! πŸ™‚
    Maybe we should give it YET another shot … who knows, it might be a little less hateful than it seems to be…

    A true and heartfelt poem… very nice…
    Take care… and hope you are having a fun weekend!!

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