@^%$# Monday!

Today, 19 July 2010 is MONDAY! When I say I hate Monday, sometimes I really meant it. There’s always a reason for that. When I wish for a better one… am always disappointed.

Morning was cold and good to sleep. But i got to wake up because there’s an exam at 9 am. Reluctant and forcefully i got myself awake. Since then I suffered from… a stupid stomach discomfort. Some sort of symptom? Guess that probably an irreversible bowel.  Just bit of worried that it can be diarrhea. (As long as it’s not some sort of ‘mess’, I’m alright.) Anyhow, thanks God! that it stopped an hour before my exam started.

Then…moment of truth,“ I felt shit over the paper.”  It’s not that I shitted on the exam hall or I shitted on the paper (I should have do that!!) Well, most things I read didn’t come out. My prediction suxxx (no, I ain’t Mr. Paul, the Krake/ pulpo). I have no choice but to think creatively and think really hard for solution. Every second was like waiting the bomb to explode. But i decided to struggle till the end. Really, I can’t stand the pressure of being a dumb in the exam hall. It’s cold and sick. Everyone was like zombie around me!

Mostly look distress and restless and some just sit there motionless. But then I saw a minority look pretty smooth. They seem to understand everything on the paper. Pretty much scared me with their non-stop writing attitude. I started to think, what do they eat or what they do to be so brilliant? Maybe they feed on lot of healthy food like fish head or supplement – DHA/ EPA Omega-3 or Gingko biloba. They must have study really hard. (BUT I’M NOT EXCEPTION). Whatever it was, I just feel bad for today. It’s beyond my count how much I swear just to make me sound like a son of vulgar. (God, please forgive me. I shall confess to you over my sins.)

Alright,  I can’t do anything but a good rest. I’m drained and tired. All I can do is waiting for better next hours and wait for the result which will be released 2 months later.

Heck it! OK now, I decide to forget my complaints. Put away my sad face and be cheerful.

Whoever read this-Say CHEESE! XD Please smile for me. It’s warm to know someone  smile to you at opposite. I heard smile is contagious!

Thanks Jingle!


15 thoughts on “@^%$# Monday!

  1. put aside all the 4 papers n focus on evid now..
    never do the mistake by worrying what u did for last 4 papers-seriously not worth it (speaking frm experience of course)
    pray hard n just keep our fingers crossed.

    neways i always thot am the oni one had tat “butterfly stomach” effect thgy looks like most of us go thru that.

    all the best to all us!!
    me like the pic boy holding unbrella cute!

  2. I’ve felt like this on so many mondays! especially exam days. uuuuuuugh. I’m taking summer classes so I know how you feel. My exam days are always fridays (sociology) and Mondays (jazz history) every other week. Fridays I always feel good because I do the exam early and then feel super accomplished. Mondays I have to wait till night and stress all day over it… I hope you did well!

    • Yes. Exam on Monday is stressful. Especially if u want to have great Sunday. Cramp and pile yourself in books on Sunday’s night really sick…Anyway, i’m going to end the exam hopefully “well, once and for all.” in less than 24 hours from NOW. Wohoot!~

      *Thanks to drop by XD

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