Dearest Sunday,

Look at you today,

Charming and sunny,

Do you just shine for me?

Smile across for the day,

And it is all breezy,

Swing around just you and me,

And I love you so, Sunday.


25 thoughts on “SUNDAY

  1. neat,
    I will use this link,
    Happy Sunday!

    you may need to visit poets to get new feedback…
    keep following is the way to have your work appreciated more.

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  3. I’m curious as to what your true feeling are to Sundays, if they pertain to the religious traditions of the day or is it something else? Either way, something I did like about the poem was the mysterious lingering thought that these questions raised. It’s a lovely poem. 🙂

    • Nothing religious. But that supposed to be the Lord’s Day. The thing i write is a sincere feeling for that ‘Sunday.’ Of coz, there’s never a same day. Thanks to drop by 🙂

  4. This was a sweet tribute !!! I am sure every Sunday will love this one! 🙂
    It is so cheery and bright!! A perfect definition of Sundays indeed!!!
    Loved reading this one…

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