Fly high Monday

It’s a great Monday. Officially report in for work  after a long study break. It’s a bright sunny morning. As expected, normal traffic-jammed at the highway but the mood just nice while the song ‘love the way you lie’ play on the radio.  35 mins later i reached and got a nice parking.

“Goodmorning! Have a nice day. 🙂 ”

Get to meet fellow colleagues were great.  Although not everything was smooth (they forgot to set up the com, no access card which the HR forgot, and i literally got a shit place where everyone walk pass  behind my cubicle and   my place is like 100% transparent to most of the people around especially managers) but i’m glad i don’t feel lazy sitting at home doing nothing. Of course i can’t sleep as much as i like anymore and so whatever i like, but thinking of there’s task for me that keeps me busy somehow make me feel great and excited instead. I did work hard for today. I don’t know about tomorrow. “The workload surely no kidding! Good surprise for me, Captain!”

Maybe i better be not worry and be happy.

* Happiness is the soul’s joy in the possession of the intangible.
William George Jordan

7 thoughts on “Fly high Monday

  1. we got the WORST place ever!
    soon u’ll see fagget walking pass behind us MILLION times!
    he hardly sits in his room n tat means i cant curi curi go online 😦

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