Have you ever love so much

When it turns around and bites you

Rip bitter scars upon you

Unforgiving know it will destroy you

Life burn ashes

Clock swing helpless

Pain is flavorless

Endurance is worthless

Lie on you

Feed on you

Sleep on you

Breathe on you

You are drowning

Slowly sinking

Enough of hiding

Stop messing

No living

No caring

No smiling

You are nothing

You rot

You foul

Crumble soul

[F*** YOU!]


17 thoughts on “Crumble

  1. Looks like you got badly burnt in the love stakes. Wanna share? or have you now got it out of your system? was she really worth it?

    • I won’t say it’s worthless. Sometimes letting go doesn’t mean to give up. It just that things can’t work out well. I’m alright. Accept, these part and parcel of life which make it colourful. Thanks for your concern πŸ™‚

  2. i admire this poems honesty and vulgarity- the last lie literally made me smile. “when it turns around and bites you” sums up love in a single sentence right there. good one!

  3. Ah i know that exact feeling.. hugs for you, my friend..
    I also found that writing, especially poetry, very releasing, like an outlet, it’s simply a perfect therapy.. i like this beautiful and honest poem of yours, Willie, wish i could write like this… Thank you for sharing this with us..

  4. I’m crying right now…. didn’t see this coming! I feel the same for the last year of my life and if I can express it, I wouldn’t have expressed it more truly, Willie!!


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