2 is better than 1

I’m sick  …  and  I felt really bad because I’m all alone. Staying with 2 other dudes under one roof doesn’t change anything. I still have to care everything by myself. It takes strength to drive myself to nearest clinic. No way to cook and I have to buy food. I hate when I have to be selective with them too. Well, there’s no other choice if I want to get well soon.  Just rest and sleep for most of the day. Probably back to work by tomorrow.

Now, I really do feel ‘2 is better than 1’.

What a Wednesday!

What a Wednesday! Busy from morning until the last hour of work. With 3 meetings in a row, I can barely stand right now. It’s cloudy by the morning and started to rain at the afternoon. Perfectly as what I had described in https://williewizzy.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/wednesday-07-07-10/.

Now, I’m thinking in next 2 weeks time something BIG going to happen in my life. It’s a life changing event and my chance is 50/50. Anything happened, life still move on. Only that this time I don’t have many plans. Some knows what I’m writing about and for those who still guess… I will inform you when it does happen.

I have nothing to watch tonight. I’m waiting for a friend to hand me 4th and 5th season of “How I met your mother”. That entertained me a lots. I can’t see how my weekdays will be like without watching them that keep me laughing all night long. After all laughter still the best antidote. Thanks to Ted, Robin, Lily and Marshall. Oh, AND Barney Stinson, the suited-up guy. His Bro Code surely a funny code.

Ok. Anyone out there please writes/send me something. Anything you find interesting. Just ANYTHING.

Letting go

I was almost forgot the lunch date with L. I was reminded when I got her e-mail. It’s a good sign because she reminds me of that.

Finally, we have our first lunch. I’m a bit nervous although it was totally ‘casual’. It went well and smooth. Nothing weird or crazy. However, I did realise something. To be true, we don’t actually have much thing to talk about. I can’t crack a joke or anything. Sometimes seems not right. Honestly, it was a boring lunch and sincerely, I know I’m not going to take up these into next level. [Please, i’m not to be a jerk.]

A little bit more i get to know her, I noticed the vast difference between us and at some point I understand that we are almost from 2 different world. Yes, she’s smart and sweet. But there’s not much of chemistry. If you get what i’m saying. I’m sorry and quite sad it has to come to this direction. Well, just say we are good to be friends but nothing more. Some say I’m silly to let go of these opportunity that I created/ built up over the week. But what else I can do if it’s not in my favour. Alright, fair enough, why not we look at it as the expression of courage. I think I did well at least to initiate and to try.

Look at the bright side, letting go doesn’t mean i am giving up, just that things can’t work out sometimes and definitely in order to move on, in a not selfish way. [Please agree with me.]

Great! I will have more time for myself and more adventure that I wish to happen.

Damn, I’m hungry! Please excuse me, now I’m off to eat my creamy crispy puff.

Exoticism in time

As suggested by Mr. North (http://artswebshow.com/), I sent L a song by Quantic-The 5th Exotic. I think it is a great song. Thank you!

This is how I wrote to her:

[Good morning. It’s cloudy and I’m sorry for the gloomy Monday. But may this bring delight to your mood XD Enjoy!”]

She likes it! In fact, eventually this lead us to nice topic which I got to appreciate her artistic value towards music and art and she shows me her creativity side. (Just maybe one day I can visit her place to view her art works.)

It didn’t end there. I sent her ‘Time is the enemy.’ I told her when I need time the most, it moves so fast that it’s my greatest enemy. It’s nice to see she just laugh at the comment.

I ask her for lunch again (2nd time). Guess what?

She refused (but) she will ‘try ’ on this Friday!

**You can enjoy it in Youtube

The 5th Exotic

Time is the enemy


Today is my first time to try ‘Laddu’, a sweet dessert.  It tasted really nice and I love it! But I think it’s excessively sweet.  Prolong intakes may trigger diabetes! Then I ask my friend of how’s the sweets are made. This is what he shares with me:


1 cup Besan
1 pinch Kesari
1 pinch Cardamom powder
1 tbsp Rice flour
1 pinch Baking Powder
1 tbsp Melon seeds
1 tbsp Broken Cashew nut
2 cups Oil Sugar
1 cup Water

How to make boondi laddu:

1.      Mix the flour, rice flour, baking powder and colour.

2.      Make a smooth thick batter. Heat the oil. Take the batter and pour it over a sieve with round holes.

3.      Tap it gently with a spoon so that small balls of dough fall into the oil. Make the balls and keep aside. Heat the sugar and water till reaches 1/2 thread consistency.

4.      Mix in the kesari melon seed and cardamom powder and fried boondies. When the mixture is still warm make into balls. Bondi Laddu are ready to be served

5.      If the mixture cools balls cannot be made as the sugar crystallizes.

According to my friend, this is nice to eat on breakfast!

Looking for a good song

I’m awake from my September hibernation. (https://williewizzy.wordpress.com/2010/09/06/september/).  Now, continue the story…

We don’t talk or see each other for days. Anyway, the task I worked on currently granted me freedom to walk over closer to her place.  At one (can’t remember which day) morning, I siege the chance and  managed to throw a ‘casual’ conversation to her.

Me: How’s everything up?

L: Well, I can see you are busier than me. I feel guilty of not doing enough.

Me: why? You are just on your first month. Chill while you can because you will be helpless with work soon.

L: [laugh] Probably.

Me: I need to get back to work. I’m not supposed to wander around. I’m left with a very small window of freedom.

***20 minutes later***

I saw her surfing on net (on some online mag.).  I say to her,

Me: You know what we do when we are bored? We send email (internal).

L:  [Shock] You surprise me! I thought … [she might think it’s someone from higher]

Me: Give me your first name. (I got her email by that way-check from office’s directory)

Back to work again.

***3.oO pm***

I sent her first email.

Subject: Just a greeting.

Content: Hi there!



Hey. Thank you for your kind greeting 🙂  How are you doing?:)


And so we continue until the end of  working hour. It’s a great rally.

Now I’m thinking of  sending her a song. Any idea?

Dealing with incompetent ‘person’

1st week of September, 2010 was a crisis in Williewizzy’s record of history. It’s horrible and cruel when you are force to deal with incompetent boss. FYI, I have zero tolerance towards inefficiency and gross incompetency. It’s always a well known fact that this people are proud of their screwed management and best at lying and bluff their way through. Their biasness and prejudicial thinking has yanked them far away from right path. Their underlings are well deserved a grandiose bit*h slap’s ceremony to compliment their good effort of twisting your life.

Lesson I learn.

1.       Always keep cool and keep your composure.

2.       Treat the conversation like any other business. Always keep the neutral tone and solution minded. Focus only on relevant issue! No personal attack please.

3.       If necessary, communication put in writing and CC to relevant people.  This is the best against office politician. Official records can be powerful most of time.

4.       Keep it private. (I can’t stress enough on this one. Girls being girls but lately I realized guys join the b***h’s club too. )

5.       Get a mentor instead of be a suicide hero. Keep yourself dry under an umbrella.  The Jap’s kamikaze squad was a history.

6.       Never ever compromise job performance. (Unless you are ready which very unlikely by understanding that anything minor can be the GREATEST issue.)

7.       Be observant and a good listener. Be a silent strategist if that work for you. (Be aware that there’s counter to that too.)

8.       Find allies and make proposal. (This work if the mood/morale was provoked at the expense of productivity in work.)

Someone asked me how’s the meeting (I’m surprise how they never inquire or investigate before fall a judgment hammer on someone)? I just reply, the first 2 minutes you will know exactly how is the outcome, especially when the accuser can’t even differentiate truth or lie. Talk his way on his stupidity based on his self-notice presumption. [applause]

So I speak again and again, try my very best to convey this message “are we going to move on or are we continue to dwell on this matter?” The feedback I got, just view this scene:  a 25 v 52? He talks to me like a kid! Am I not old enough to be heard seriously? Despicable!

Finally I’m just too ‘ecstatic’ to know the solution by Fag of Human Residual (HR) which was terrific in the eye of ‘man-gina’.

HOLD ME AT **SHUTTER ISLAND?! Are they serious? LOL

**That an asylum. You know if you watch the movie. It means they seriously treat me like a crazy kid that throw tantrum all the time (insanity probably) and silent me by restricting my right to voice and movement.

Anyhow i knew “young blood always charged harshly. Slow down, boy.”