Unique and special

It’s Saturday morning! Today I decided to buy something for myself. I went to a nearby mall , spent about an hour looking around and eventually i got myself something special.

Yes, this is it! The perfume that I bought. ‘Kenzo Power’ by  Kenzo, was created by Olivier Polge and was released on 2008.

I asked the girl for something unique. She grabbed me this and I smelled it and I’m awake! I like the smell, the bottle and the box ! They just amazed me. But I’m not too sure about it because it does smell fine, soft, sweet, and flowery. Something seems a bit of feminine.  It’s sort of confusing.  I thought she might play a game or something. I was not sure if this was a woman’s or a man’s fragrance. The top note is very floral and I can see this could be a unisex. I definitely don’t want to end up people to have weird thought on me. “Oh, that guy wear a smell like my mom/sister/girlfriend!” NO!

Kenzo describes this “imaginary flower.” ‘The usual scents of bergamot, coriander and cardamom are brought to a new level of sophistication with the addition of tolu balsam, cedar wood and labdanum for a spice-driven but floral scent.’

OK, it’s clearly written there fragrance for MEN.

Sniff from the sample again…hmm….Wearable!

I bought it and try it for the day. The scent is a bit classic, not too intense and can be cute.  It changes with time and with every sniff i can feel different notes. I feel this is a great perfume while it last for long  XD

According to Askmen.com, it scored 81% of uniqueness and 77% of durability.

“The unusual combination of strongly masculine ingredients and subtle floral notes creates an almost ghost-like scent surrounding you. It is neither forceful or too pastoral, but gives a quiet, almost stalwart and ever-present scent of confidence and reliability. The packaging reflects this in very simple terms. The bottle itself is constructed of a mirrored metal whose original design was meant to hold sake. The paper box in which the bottle is sold is textured and white with minimal markings. The entire Kenzo Power grooming line follows this edict of Japanese sparseness.”

“By far one of the most intelligent and well-designed fragrances for men to come along in many years… The attention to detail in its creation and packaging makes it a mature and sophisticated choice for any man.”



3 thoughts on “Unique and special

    • That’s ok. It’s science! Well, if you like it, you buy it, you use it. It is made for consumers who appreciate it. But with a bit of knowledge you get what you want easier and clearer.

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