Dealing with incompetent ‘person’

1st week of September, 2010 was a crisis in Williewizzy’s record of history. It’s horrible and cruel when you are force to deal with incompetent boss. FYI, I have zero tolerance towards inefficiency and gross incompetency. It’s always a well known fact that this people are proud of their screwed management and best at lying and bluff their way through. Their biasness and prejudicial thinking has yanked them far away from right path. Their underlings are well deserved a grandiose bit*h slap’s ceremony to compliment their good effort of twisting your life.

Lesson I learn.

1.       Always keep cool and keep your composure.

2.       Treat the conversation like any other business. Always keep the neutral tone and solution minded. Focus only on relevant issue! No personal attack please.

3.       If necessary, communication put in writing and CC to relevant people.  This is the best against office politician. Official records can be powerful most of time.

4.       Keep it private. (I can’t stress enough on this one. Girls being girls but lately I realized guys join the b***h’s club too. )

5.       Get a mentor instead of be a suicide hero. Keep yourself dry under an umbrella.  The Jap’s kamikaze squad was a history.

6.       Never ever compromise job performance. (Unless you are ready which very unlikely by understanding that anything minor can be the GREATEST issue.)

7.       Be observant and a good listener. Be a silent strategist if that work for you. (Be aware that there’s counter to that too.)

8.       Find allies and make proposal. (This work if the mood/morale was provoked at the expense of productivity in work.)

Someone asked me how’s the meeting (I’m surprise how they never inquire or investigate before fall a judgment hammer on someone)? I just reply, the first 2 minutes you will know exactly how is the outcome, especially when the accuser can’t even differentiate truth or lie. Talk his way on his stupidity based on his self-notice presumption. [applause]

So I speak again and again, try my very best to convey this message “are we going to move on or are we continue to dwell on this matter?” The feedback I got, just view this scene:  a 25 v 52? He talks to me like a kid! Am I not old enough to be heard seriously? Despicable!

Finally I’m just too ‘ecstatic’ to know the solution by Fag of Human Residual (HR) which was terrific in the eye of ‘man-gina’.

HOLD ME AT **SHUTTER ISLAND?! Are they serious? LOL

**That an asylum. You know if you watch the movie. It means they seriously treat me like a crazy kid that throw tantrum all the time (insanity probably) and silent me by restricting my right to voice and movement.

Anyhow i knew “young blood always charged harshly. Slow down, boy.”


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