Looking for a good song

I’m awake from my September hibernation. (https://williewizzy.wordpress.com/2010/09/06/september/).  Now, continue the story…

We don’t talk or see each other for days. Anyway, the task I worked on currently granted me freedom to walk over closer to her place.  At one (can’t remember which day) morning, I siege the chance and  managed to throw a ‘casual’ conversation to her.

Me: How’s everything up?

L: Well, I can see you are busier than me. I feel guilty of not doing enough.

Me: why? You are just on your first month. Chill while you can because you will be helpless with work soon.

L: [laugh] Probably.

Me: I need to get back to work. I’m not supposed to wander around. I’m left with a very small window of freedom.

***20 minutes later***

I saw her surfing on net (on some online mag.).  I say to her,

Me: You know what we do when we are bored? We send email (internal).

L:  [Shock] You surprise me! I thought … [she might think it’s someone from higher]

Me: Give me your first name. (I got her email by that way-check from office’s directory)

Back to work again.

***3.oO pm***

I sent her first email.

Subject: Just a greeting.

Content: Hi there!



Hey. Thank you for your kind greeting 🙂  How are you doing?:)


And so we continue until the end of  working hour. It’s a great rally.

Now I’m thinking of  sending her a song. Any idea?


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