Exoticism in time

As suggested by Mr. North (http://artswebshow.com/), I sent L a song by Quantic-The 5th Exotic. I think it is a great song. Thank you!

This is how I wrote to her:

[Good morning. It’s cloudy and I’m sorry for the gloomy Monday. But may this bring delight to your mood XD Enjoy!”]

She likes it! In fact, eventually this lead us to nice topic which I got to appreciate her artistic value towards music and art and she shows me her creativity side. (Just maybe one day I can visit her place to view her art works.)

It didn’t end there. I sent her ‘Time is the enemy.’ I told her when I need time the most, it moves so fast that it’s my greatest enemy. It’s nice to see she just laugh at the comment.

I ask her for lunch again (2nd time). Guess what?

She refused (but) she will ‘try ’ on this Friday!

**You can enjoy it in Youtube

The 5th Exotic

Time is the enemy


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