Letting go

I was almost forgot the lunch date with L. I was reminded when I got her e-mail. It’s a good sign because she reminds me of that.

Finally, we have our first lunch. I’m a bit nervous although it was totally ‘casual’. It went well and smooth. Nothing weird or crazy. However, I did realise something. To be true, we don’t actually have much thing to talk about. I can’t crack a joke or anything. Sometimes seems not right. Honestly, it was a boring lunch and sincerely, I know I’m not going to take up these into next level. [Please, i’m not to be a jerk.]

A little bit more i get to know her, I noticed the vast difference between us and at some point I understand that we are almost from 2 different world. Yes, she’s smart and sweet. But there’s not much of chemistry. If you get what i’m saying. I’m sorry and quite sad it has to come to this direction. Well, just say we are good to be friends but nothing more. Some say I’m silly to let go of these opportunity that I created/ built up over the week. But what else I can do if it’s not in my favour. Alright, fair enough, why not we look at it as the expression of courage. I think I did well at least to initiate and to try.

Look at the bright side, letting go doesn’t mean i am giving up, just that things can’t work out sometimes and definitely in order to move on, in a not selfish way. [Please agree with me.]

Great! I will have more time for myself and more adventure that I wish to happen.

Damn, I’m hungry! Please excuse me, now I’m off to eat my creamy crispy puff.


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