What a Wednesday!

What a Wednesday! Busy from morning until the last hour of work. With 3 meetings in a row, I can barely stand right now. It’s cloudy by the morning and started to rain at the afternoon. Perfectly as what I had described in https://williewizzy.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/wednesday-07-07-10/.

Now, I’m thinking in next 2 weeks time something BIG going to happen in my life. It’s a life changing event and my chance is 50/50. Anything happened, life still move on. Only that this time I don’t have many plans. Some knows what I’m writing about and for those who still guess… I will inform you when it does happen.

I have nothing to watch tonight. I’m waiting for a friend to hand me 4th and 5th season of “How I met your mother”. That entertained me a lots. I can’t see how my weekdays will be like without watching them that keep me laughing all night long. After all laughter still the best antidote. Thanks to Ted, Robin, Lily and Marshall. Oh, AND Barney Stinson, the suited-up guy. His Bro Code surely a funny code.

Ok. Anyone out there please writes/send me something. Anything you find interesting. Just ANYTHING.

9 thoughts on “What a Wednesday!

  1. ok i suggest one – watch this

    altho its old show, its FUNNY & can keep u entertained!
    hope u enjoy watching this my fren. See ya tmw..its time me go whack dinner – sambal ayam+sothi(curry) sedap gila! hahahaha.. (jangan jealous ya) ;p
    go makan dinner go!

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