During lunch break, we had a short conversation on horror story and ghost. It’s always fun to hear story and to talk about it.

1.       One day, a guy was driving on his way home. While driving he was shocked when he looks at the rear mirror, an old lady smile at him from behind.

2.       A guy driving and stop at the traffic light. Before he turns right he saw a man look kind of lunatic stood across the road. As the guy made the right turning he suddenly felt someone besides him and DAMN, that lunatic dude sat beside him!

3.       2 good friends went for a trip. They shared a room at a beach resort. That’s not a normal night. At about 12.30pm, apparently someone non-stop kicking the floor and bang on the wall, play around with switches and jumping at the empty slot of the bed! (If you want to watch something like that, watch movie “1408”)

4.       ….

And I went back home that night and out of boredom I started to watch Ghost Adventure in youtube. I found that “Clovis Wolfe Manor” is pretty interesting.

Welcome to October, Halloween 2010!


3 thoughts on “Spook!

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