1/5 left!!!

Since last night i can’t sleep. My heartbeat was abnormal and mind went too excited and anxious at the same time. Result finally released today. After suffered previous humiliating failure, there’s really hard to expect anything. Just like you are hidden in a shadow and never walk out of it.  It’s a cruel and gruesome exam. No one likes this BAR exam.

Atlas, all hard works translated into today’s result. I see some fruit of hard labour. I got a conditional pass! It’s worth of congratulating although not excelling-good. Congratulation, to those who did well and outstanding! My condolences to dear fellow fell soldiers. I know no words can do comfort but still I say to you guys, life moves on.

That one odd subject holds my left feet from stepping into the safety boat really annoying. Referral test will be on this 25 October 2010. It’s a nightmare though because I’m dealing with one of the least favourite subject and it’s come to bite me again. Thanks to everyone who show non-stop supports. I deeply appreciate! It’s a mentally and physically challenging task.

There’s work and test at the same time. I don’t know how I’m going to balance the two but I want to believe 3 weeks later I am fully onboard. I can’t give up at this point. It’s really 1/5 step left…  I only pray that may God bless my every step and strengthen me with abundance grace in His presence at this junction of my life.


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