Love it that way

You took my heart
Under the spotlight
I tasted love, in my silly fall
Here in love, I give my all

Simple yet so right
You’re so lovely
And love; I can feel that
How can I ever look away?

I count my day
Every day is a blissful day
When I no more could turn away
I love it that way

What do you call ‘love’?

I decided to write this after kept the thought for a long time. It doesn’t matter who’s going to read or if you are reading now. I know the best is just to let go. Laugh, if you think I am an emo or whatsoever. I couldn’t care much. You know, there’s an ego in me like any other man. But, i am also a man that born with a heart. Letting go… just another way of saying let life goes on. I should ‘live’ my life.

In a very brief encounter of a thing that we called ‘love’, was such a mysterious experience. It robs my mind and senses. It made me an addict and blind. It made me to believe, to follow a dream and to follow a special pattern of way to my fantasy. Day by day is a marathon of hope.

But I realized that it never an easy journey for me to love and to let go. Falling in love or losing love is equally causing a rollercoaster in life. It happened because i care. Love made my heart alive and to bleed too. It doesn’t care if I’m afloat or how fast i fall. There’s a time, no matter what I do, I never fill in the gap in my heart. I couldn’t see tomorrow and I couldn’t smile. It’s hard for me to see things ‘like before’.

Broken heart is hard to mend. Time doesn’t really cure but time let me learn along the way. I took time to mend the surface but deep inside it never takes too long for me to be on my knees. Yes, simply that fragile. I can only hold my head and cry hard covered in my hand. Can you cry when you never in love?

Love is always a mixture of pain and pleasure. Sometimes, fly high in the sky, sometimes I am on the ground. Love can cause me to enjoy the same routine everyday and even for many years. In the very limitation of love, i try to love to my very best. As much as you can plan, that much you can crash. I created memories but they drive me crazy at the same time.

There is at times love not returned, not reciprocated and I’m left in pain and an empty heart listening to song over and over again. I’m that fool. I say I will never love again. I’m sitting here now…waiting for sunrise.

“It’s being so dark since you being gone. After all you are the one who turn me off.”

I always curious what do you call love?

Delicious potatoes!

I went to IKEA to seek idea and grab some stuff. I always love to go there because of the ‘home’ and comfy environment. Price can be reasonable when on sale. So, it’s Saturday morning. Traffic was good and smooth. There are ample of parking and not too many crowds in the store. I really like that.

It was fun to have kids running around although I think they should just hold in the playroom. Tour the store really enjoyable. Beautiful ideas can be nice to view but not necessary practical. But the armchair, cushion, sofas are very comfortable. I nearly sleep over on the bed too.

After 2 hours I’m hungry and find my way to the heart of the store where the restaurant located. The queue was long. But it was efficient and fast. Only waited around 15 min. I ordered meatballs and turkey sausage.

Now, how the food made me feel. First, I noticed the meatballs shrink by almost 15% since 6 months ago. However, the taste doesn’t change much. That’s consistent. The turkey tube of meat was tasty with great smell of herbs and the texture neither stone-hard nor fluffy. The only thing was the portion which supposed to be a huge sausage but no. Much thinner than the one you can see above.The sausage comes with potatoes and beet root. The beet root tasted like sweet pickles but the potatoes surprised me. They were delicious! It creamy softness melt in my mouth. Flavour’s good too. Just enjoy it.

I would say the food here wasn’t bad although not super great.

Had my lunch, got the things wanted and it’s time to check out.

Extreme 6 Cheese Pizza

Pizza Hut’s recently introduced a new Extreme 6 Cheese pizza. According to their website, it’s loaded with cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, monterey jack and romano. A mix of cheeses so good, you’ll do anything to get it! It’s a cheesy goodness that will satisfy any cheese lover!

Sound good? I love cheese but i doubt these. Heh, I was curious enough to give it a try. So I happily drove to the nearest outlet. There are not many people in the pizza place, felt like reserved the whole place exclusively. Good. Quiet environment means I can enjoy the food peacefully. Ok, let’s proceed.

I think they served pretty slows. I can’t stop thinking of the melting cheese. I’m hungry.


Smell alright but WHERE ARE THE CHEESES?! I thought I will have a great first bite on the slice, but …the pizza didn’t live up to my fantasies…it’s rather normal. I think the amount of cheese was not enough. It’s not cheesy. I requested for extra Parmesan (the least) but was given Tabasco instead! No freshly grated Parmesan or anything. No extra cheese. All I taste a bit more of mozzarella and nearly flavourless. The others cheese are missing! But the thick crispy crust good enough with chew and a little char.

I don’t hold the dish against Hut’s; it’s really outside the expectation and it’s tough to imagine having a disappointing pizza there and loaded with 1000xx extra calories!

A good mouthful.

Finally meeting ends, issue temporarily suspended. I’m extremely tired, mentally and physically. It’s only MONDAY! Few more hours to go before can call it a day. I can’t help murmuring and to groan about inefficiency, stupidity and laziness of certain people. I’m working like a mad cow but under a group of incompetent management. That’s depressing.

I took a short break, went over other department and have a small talk with other colleague. Suddenly, my eyes spotted something! At a dark corner of a desk, glow a white bottle inside a hidden paper bag. It’s written on label “Malibu-Caribbean Rum with pineapple flavour.” Without a second thought I rush over, grab it and open it. It’s new! I drank it in a big mouthful! Am I serious? YES! It’s so friggin’… OMG, it’s being so long ago… for me to feel so …peaceful and sweet and a sense of satisfaction. It’s so delicious and hot down my throat. It’s elixir of life! I feel like i want to take a trip to a beach right away!

But of course, my colleague just looks at me like WHAT?! YOU MUST BE CRAZY to do it now. Drinking during office hours extremely prohibited. I know. I am much awake and should avoid contact with certain people because of the strong alcohol smell. Well, I managed to say sorry to the owner of that bottle.

Honestly, I feel much happier after that. “Hey, Happy November!” LOL!