A good mouthful.

Finally meeting ends, issue temporarily suspended. I’m extremely tired, mentally and physically. It’s only MONDAY! Few more hours to go before can call it a day. I can’t help murmuring and to groan about inefficiency, stupidity and laziness of certain people. I’m working like a mad cow but under a group of incompetent management. That’s depressing.

I took a short break, went over other department and have a small talk with other colleague. Suddenly, my eyes spotted something! At a dark corner of a desk, glow a white bottle inside a hidden paper bag. It’s written on label “Malibu-Caribbean Rum with pineapple flavour.” Without a second thought I rush over, grab it and open it. It’s new! I drank it in a big mouthful! Am I serious? YES! It’s so friggin’… OMG, it’s being so long ago… for me to feel so …peaceful and sweet and a sense of satisfaction. It’s so delicious and hot down my throat. It’s elixir of life! I feel like i want to take a trip to a beach right away!

But of course, my colleague just looks at me like WHAT?! YOU MUST BE CRAZY to do it now. Drinking during office hours extremely prohibited. I know. I am much awake and should avoid contact with certain people because of the strong alcohol smell. Well, I managed to say sorry to the owner of that bottle.

Honestly, I feel much happier after that. “Hey, Happy November!” LOL!


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