Delicious potatoes!

I went to IKEA to seek idea and grab some stuff. I always love to go there because of the ‘home’ and comfy environment. Price can be reasonable when on sale. So, it’s Saturday morning. Traffic was good and smooth. There are ample of parking and not too many crowds in the store. I really like that.

It was fun to have kids running around although I think they should just hold in the playroom. Tour the store really enjoyable. Beautiful ideas can be nice to view but not necessary practical. But the armchair, cushion, sofas are very comfortable. I nearly sleep over on the bed too.

After 2 hours I’m hungry and find my way to the heart of the store where the restaurant located. The queue was long. But it was efficient and fast. Only waited around 15 min. I ordered meatballs and turkey sausage.

Now, how the food made me feel. First, I noticed the meatballs shrink by almost 15% since 6 months ago. However, the taste doesn’t change much. That’s consistent. The turkey tube of meat was tasty with great smell of herbs and the texture neither stone-hard nor fluffy. The only thing was the portion which supposed to be a huge sausage but no. Much thinner than the one you can see above.The sausage comes with potatoes and beet root. The beet root tasted like sweet pickles but the potatoes surprised me. They were delicious! It creamy softness melt in my mouth. Flavour’s good too. Just enjoy it.

I would say the food here wasn’t bad although not super great.

Had my lunch, got the things wanted and it’s time to check out.

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