It’s the 2nd day of 2013. It’s a cold morning. I’m stiff and barely move any parts of my limb. Ah, the blanket must have weight tonnes for me to struggle and to clean myself. I do remember it’ll be an energetic day with a long list of things to do. It may seem too much for a day but i made up my mind to finish them as much as it permissible. Off i went moving every muscles trying to complete every task. Here and there…up and down…finally evening greets me. I looked at the list and there are 5 more items to accomplish. Time never waits. Seeing everyone leaving the office, I know I’ll just follow suit. Bang! I’m just lazy. Lazywillie…

It’s quiet on the way home. Once a while I dazed off on the beautiful shinny evening, and sometimes it popped out in my mind “will I be satisfied with my life at here?”. Relocated and return home, to stay with my parents again has not being an easy decision. Mostly think that I’m either crazy or just donkey. I doubt how many are actually optimistic with my choice.  But I’m grateful, knowing that my parents care so much about me. That’s enough for a reason. I left behind a bustling, energetic and vibrant city’s life, bunch of good friends and every experience that city may offer. Now I’m all alone in this quiet little town except family and few long distance friends. Unfortunately, it has been 3 months and I yet to find someone like mind, someone who can tune to my channel. Somehow, I manage to find way to entertain my dear lonely heart. I have good prospect in term of living a proper life. For sure I’m closer to the mother nature and my health has dramatically improved.

I feel that this year can be another turning point in my life. It may not be big but something that can be fulfilling. I don’t wish something too big, not to be greedy but I still have dreams and I wish they will come true. How things will work out, I have no clue yet but I trust my dear Lord shall guide me somehow. I do not want to get lazy and roll over 2013. I learn that the world is abundant. It has so much to offer and I believe so.   Image

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