What do you do?

Let’s go down to business. I hate the smell of betrayer and i hate being betrayed. It sounds disgusted. It’s gross. It’s awful. Just by saying the word I’m almost vomit now. Simple rule is that i trust you and you return the same.

Whatever happened to me today annoyed me greatly. I get so screwed by the person i trust the most. It’s office politic but i never intended to join any side. In the end, i’m the black cat. I actually being deceived into making a decision i otherwise wouldn’t. Fortunately i managed to do some damage control but how about that person? What do you do?

Should i be Impaler, Count Dracula or Gentlemen, Count of Monte Cristo? Betrayer shouldn’t go unpunished.

Alright, not let my emotions swipe away. At least I want to act like i am wise… i think the best thing to do now is to shut up. Yes, as simple as that. Afterall, the porridge has burned. My gut telling me it’s not worth to get a knife and fight back. The most, i’ll be more cautious and diligent in doing whatever i’m doing. What else? Image

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