I’m out.

Things just got harder
It just blow hotter
I’m blown all over
Here goes the cold water

Stink hole is gaping
Wretched soul escaping
Everybody joking now
Tell me that funny how

Smack by the reality
Dragged low by the gravity

My clock’s running out
Fuck you lifeless I’m out

Quiet is the town

One old car,
Two lazy dogs,
Three spinsters,
Four row of shops.

Silent is the street,
I can hear leaves brushing,
I can hear waters dripping,
Quiet is the town.

When i don’t know

I’m a trouble child
Always tore inside
Always can’t let go
Always lost my way

When I fall so many times
When I don’t know if I could climb another hill
When I don’t know what I’ll become
When I don’t know who I am

Yours little voice
To my heart you whisper
That I should move on without fear
‘Cause you will always here with me

1st January 2011

First post of 2011!

I wish to share this.

“If there’s one thing i learn about success, it created through a performance of a few small daily disciplines that stack up over time to produce achievement far beyond anything you could have ever planned for. It’s choices and small behaviours that build up over the time. It’s a little habit that is easy which can make a difference yet people just don’t do it because it’s easy.

Failure, on the other hand, is just as easy to slip into. Failure’s nothing more than the inevitable outcome of a few small acts of daily neglect performed consistently over time so that they take you past the point of no return. But don’t give up. Don’t start to rush and dig for success. It doesn’t work that way. Think from a perspective of a farmer. Has patience and trust.

…Remembering the shortness of life strips away all the distractions of life and reminds us what’s most important.”

Hope this gives a strong opening in 2011. All the best!


“Glory to God in highest heaven, who unto man His Son hath given; while angels sing with tender mirth, a glad new year to all the earth.”-Martin Luther

Time flies …year 2010 is going to end and I started to look back counting blessing along the way. Not much and not less. Joy, laughs, tears and sorrow I lived them all. I won’t say it’s a very fulfilling year but I’m grateful for everyday I lived. I started 2010 with a broken heart and without expectation. Regret, I have few. Often my heart grounded by the gravity. Although I’m still hanging mid-air right now, i know I shouldn’t lose heart. At least, half of it back to the way it suppose to be.

I foresee 2011 will be another challenging year for me. The pattern might not change drastically but a certain type of direction will lead and different set of face will set in. Next year await for another new voice.

As Oprah says, cheers to a New Year and another chance to set it right. Therefore, I intend to make a change. Not something unrealistic. Simply to get hold of my life, get simple, eat and live healthier, more forgiving and SMILE.

Last but not least, my gratitude flow to the person who brought me here otherwise I won’t be writing. It’s being a great writing year! Also many thanks to those who stay with me on this little page throughout.

Cheers! Prost!

Here’s how i feel about 2010 towards people and things around me, by song and music.

[January] Right to be wrong- Joss Stone
[February] Fix you- Coldplay
[March] Ii Adagio Sostenuto – Rachmaninoff
[April] Turn back around- Lucy Schwartz
[May] When your mind made up – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
[June]One last breath – Creed
[July] Burn it to the ground- Nickelback
[August] You and I – Ingrid Michaelson
[September] Sitting, waiting, wishing- Jack Johnson
[October] Beautiful- Eminem
[November] Way back into love – Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett
[December] As time goes by – Frank Sinatra.
[NOW ] First day of my life – Bright Eye

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called “Opportunity” and its first chapter is New Year’s Day”- Edith Lovejoy Pierce.


I used to have many hobbies,

But they apt to run away from me,
No longer hold me in that special world,
I’m sure I will lose the race
I just can’t keep on track

But it’s always an unending exploration,
Searching among the chaos,
I shall enjoy every little things.
That’s what Williewizzy got to say!

Love it that way

You took my heart
Under the spotlight
I tasted love, in my silly fall
Here in love, I give my all

Simple yet so right
You’re so lovely
And love; I can feel that
How can I ever look away?

I count my day
Every day is a blissful day
When I no more could turn away
I love it that way